What is the Best Way to Sell a Personalised Number Plate?

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Most drivers value their personalised number plates greatly, so selling your private plate can be a terrific opportunity to raise some additional income and transfer your beloved plate to a grateful new owner.

Motoreg makes selling your private registration quick and easy. We will advertise your licence plate on our website and negotiate the best price for you.

Our most frequently asked questions concerning selling your private registration are addressed below since we recognise that it can be confusing.

Can I sell my number plate to the DVLA again?

No, you cannot resell your private number plate to the DVLA. The DVLA only offers brand new number plates for sale, they do not resell personalised number plates. A vehicle’s previously issued registrations won’t be purchased back.

You can sell personalised  plates privately by going out and seeking a client or by working with a dealer. With car registration organisations like us, selling a private number plate is the greatest option!

They’ll offer the tools you need to promote and market your licence plate.

Can I give my private reg away to someone else?

You are able to give someone your personalised number plate. It’s not a problem as long as the number is assigned to their car before they use it. Online or by mail, you can assign and give them the private number plate.

It’s also not a problem if you want to purchase a personalised licence plate for someone else, provided that it is legally registered correctly. With the aid of car registration services, you may select from a variety of special number plates and add a little more significance to someone else’s drive.

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Can I sell my licence plate back to Motoreg?

You may be able to sell your dateless registration or name registration to Motoreg directly but firstly you may ask how much is my private number plate worth in which we will give you a free current up to date valuation.

You may still give Motoreg permission to advertise and sell the registration on our website even if we decide not to buy it into stock in order to assist you in finding a buyer.

We will sell your personalised number plate on your behalf.

Any type of number plate you have can be sold with our assistance. We provide various styles of personalised number plates, such as:

  • Current style number plates
  • Prefix style number plates
  • Suffix style number plates
  • Dateless number plates
  • Northern Ireland number plates

We will provide you with a price guide depending on the type of number plate you’re selling. Every registration has a different value and we will help you figure out yours.

We will also market your plate online and on social media, to ensure you get the best price for it.

Will my old registration come back?

Yes, your former registration number will often be assigned to your vehicle after you remove your private registration. Therefore, if you decide to sell your car, you can sell the licence plate separately and reinstall the old registration on your car. In this manner, you can also profit financially from your personalised licence plate. It is required by law to reinstall your vehicle’s original licence plates before using or selling it.

Where is the ideal place to sell a personalised number plate?

The ideal location to sell your personalised private plate is through a reliable private number plate selling business like ourselves at Motoreg. You can be sure it’s the quickest and most efficient way to sell your registration because Motoreg work with you to advertise it on our website, which receives hundreds of visitors every day. You can get a speedier sale and a better deal by working with us. We will actively promote your personalised number plate online and connect with a large huge database of devoted clients. Finding the ideal buyer for your private plate this way will be a lot simpler for you.

We simplify the procedure of selling a private number plate and will handle all the research so you won’t have to.

With Motoreg selling a private number plate couldn’t be simpler. We offer a quick and easy sales service and can provide you with a free valuation normally within 24 hours.

Our aim as always is to get you the best price so we work hard to give you a fair and accurate price for your cherished number plate. Whether you want to change a personalised number plate or make some extra cash from your original one, Motoreg will get you a buyer.

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