Tips on How to Find the Best Private Plate for Your Car

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Motoreg Red Car with Private Registration Plate

Motoreg Ltd have been around for a long time and have communicated with many people when arranging their private plate purchases. We are a major dealer for private plates for sale in the UK.
We know it often can be difficult to agree which private plates or cherished number plates would be the best for you, this is often because you do not completely understand the UK number plate system.

So here is our guide which we think will help you find the best private plate for sale.

Most people would love to have their own personalised number plate on their car.Years ago it was only the rich that could afford to have that special cherished number plate.
But with independent private plate sellers like ourselves having a large stock of private plates we can offer our customers cheap private plates.
Before setting out and searching for that perfect private plate there are some tips that should help every car owner interested in a personalised number plate find the one that fits their preferences and needs.

Considerations Before Buying a Private Plate

The budget is the best place to start with when looking for a personalised number plate.
Personalised number plates can vary from thousands of pounds to less than £100. So you may need to wait a while to find the perfect Personalised number plate that falls within your budget.
The good news is that there are cheap private plates that exist so you are sure to get one, you just need to understand which type of private plate your budget can get.
Do not forget when searching our private plates for sale, the prices you see include tax, DVLA transfer free and a set of physical acrylic number plates.
So our private plate prices include everything and our service includes all the paper work right through to send out your actual private number plates.

Understand the Different Types of Private Plates for sale
There are lots of different types of private plates for sale and the various types can be personalised in a variety of ways.
There are name/phrase plates, new style plates, prefix plates, suffix plates and dateless plates.
Knowing what each of these types are will help you decide what private plate you will want.

Be Flexible
DVLA personalised number plates are very popular in the UK. Thousands of car owners have already got the private plates that are best for them. So when searching for private plates for sale, what you think is your ideal letter and number combination may have been taken or cost too much. So you should consider similar combinations, be flexible and consider alternatives which may not be your first choice but will still do the job and hopefully be a good investment at the same time.

Future Proof
Do not be guided by current trends, choose a private plate that will stay with you over many years to come. Base it around a football team or maybe an interest.
We believe a private plate should stay with you as you change cars so it’s important to base it around the right thing.

Do You Want Your Private Plate to Promote Your Business?
You may want a cherished number plate to promote your business. Private plates are a fun way to promote your business. By combining letters and numbers it may be possible to spell out your profession or the job you do. You may be fortunate to be able to spell out your business name. Either way a private plate is able to advertise your business or brand and its also a cost effective way of advertising.

Example of private plate for the scrap industry

Motoreg Registration Plate SCR 5P

Example of private plate for a tiler

Motoreg Registration Plate T1 LER

Many car owners search for cherished number plates that resemble names like boys names, girls, Asian names, and surnames.
Using letters or numbers making something that looks like a name is a popular theme with private plates. If you are flexible then we are sure you will find the right private plate for you.

Choosing a date that means something to you on your number plate is another excellent idea. Combining your initials and date of birth is something people do to personalise a number plate.

But just knowing what you want does not mean it will be easy to find it. We recommend you search as many plates as you can, you may see something that gives you a further idea or a way of making the personalised plate you want. Also be prepared to be flexible and we say it’s worth setting a budget and stick to it.

If you would like to search a plate with us go to our home page and simple search. If you would like to discuss a private plate with us please call 024 7640 7604.

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