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Why Choose us to Sell My Private Number Plate?

No Sale, No Fee!

We do not get you to sign an agreement with us, with a clause about this and a clause about that.

We simply advertise your private plate on a no sale, no fee basis.

What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing!

You make more money!
Our service is completely FREE for you. With us only taking an £80 admin fee for advertising, negotiating and arranging the legal paperwork of the sale I think everyone will agree.

You just cannot beat that!

We Make it Easy to Buy From Us!
Our website uses an easy search system so buyers can find what plates they want. Coupled with an easy online payment system and our great reputation gives the best environment for buyers to buy the plates they are looking for.
Sell with Confidence!

The buyer pays before the transfer of the plate goes ahead and the money is held secure for you.

We will value your private number plate correctly so you get the very best price possibly. We will let you know if you have under priced it at anytime.

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Sell My Private Plate Procedure

Number 1
You need to check whether you can legally sell your private plates

This may sound strange but there are a couple of things required to sell your private plates. If available, double check that your paperwork does not include the phrase 'non-transferable'.

If those words are not on your documents, then you are in luck. Next, ensure you can answer 'yes' to one of the following:

• Is the vehicle registered under your first and last name?

• Are you the official purchaser or grantee with either Certificate of Retention (V778) or a Certificate of Entitlement (V750)?

Number 2
Get an accurate value of your private plates

It is crucial to start off with a true and accurate selling price. If it's too high then it can put off people even enquiring, but setting it too low can leave you short in getting what it's worth.

When selling your private number plate with us on our website, we do all the research for you and will give you and accurate and FREE valuation.

Number 3
We advertise your private number plate
We will add your private plate to our websites database. It will be shown potentially to thousands of potential buyers.
Number 4
We get an offer to buy and complete the sale

The last step to selling a private plate is to wait for the right offer to come in, then put your private plates on retention and transfer the registration number.

Once you have agreed the offer, that is it! We take care of all the paperwork for you.

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You can trust us!

Good price, top service

Purchased my plate £200 cheaper than advertised elsewhere, good price, top service.

Colin Needham, Burnley

Prompt payment, would recommend

Price agreed, they purchased my fathers number plate, prompt payment, would recommend.

Anne Jackson, Norwich

Highly recommend

Highly recommend. Kept me informed all the way, speedy and reliable.

Jaz Patel, Leicester

Stress free, excellent service

Stress free, excellent service.

Mary Owen, Tenby

Amazing customer service

I would definitely recommend Motoreg, amazing customer service, quick, efficient and professional.

Allan Green, Sittingbourne

Excellent service, great price!

Excellent service, great price. Just nice to be able to talk to someone. I have no hesitation in recommending Motoreg.

John Gemmel, Glasgow
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Private Number Plates and Cherished Registrations

With thousands of personalised, cherished & private number plates Motoreg Ltd will have the perfect registration for you to buy.

Our personalised registrations can be bought from us and used on DVLA registered vehicles. Some types of private plate registrations, such as the Northern Ireland number plates, can be cheap number plates and are a great option to hide the age of your vehicle. Buy one of our private plates and have some fun, they can de used to show your name, initials, vehicle model, job type and for many other reasons.

Thinking of selling your private number plate? If so, sell it to us at Motoreg Ltd.

Every private registration has its own value, to find out how much your private number plate is worth you can phone us on 024 7640 7604 or complete our Free & Easy number plate valuation.

It's as simple as that, we will provide you with an independent and up to date valuation figure that we would buy it for.

Help & FAQs

Here's a few of the main questions asked about buying private number plates.

What if I can't find a specific plate I'm looking for?

When my certificate arrives, what do I need to do?

What happens to my old registration?

Help & FAQs

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