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If you have a private registration you would like to sell the first thing to do is complete our form with your details and the private registration details as found on this page.

From this we will get back to you with your number plate valuation. One of our experienced valuation team will value your number plate and get back to you within 48 hours.

If you are wish to sell your private registration number plate immediately and we like to buy it we will make you a cash offer for it. The number plate valuation price offered for your private plate bought for us to buy will reflect the trade price and will be lower than the valuation offer we make to sell your plate on a commission basis.

Our prices to buy your number plate and our price to advertise your number for you will be different. The price for us to advertise the number plate for you will be higher because we will add in a small commission fee to sell it on your behalf.

The fee includes us to professionally handle all the transfer paper work and administration for you giving security and confidence that the process is done properly.

This covers making the arrangements for the private plate transfer, and re-registration of your vehicle if its going straight onto a vehicle.

When we are advertising your private plate for sale on your behalf this is on a NO SALE, NO FEE basis, so you have nothing to lose. No charge is made until the plate is sold.

How do we Value Your Registration Number?

Now that you are considering to sell your private number plates you may wonder how much your private plate is worth?

A number of determining factors impact the valuation of your number plate, such as the number of characters in the private registration. Dateless number plates are more desirable because they not only have any age indicator in them, dateless number plates are often older and can be used as a cherished number plate for an older classic car or a prestigious car, the versatility of a dateless number plate will always add to its valuation.

We will give you a realistic valuation based upon similar registrations currently advertised in the market place and the performance of of these registrations having been sold.

So beware of some companies that my give you an over inflated number plate valuation just to get the chance to advertise it and then may come back to you later saying they need to reduce the valuation to sell it.

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    Selling Your Personalised Number Plate FAQs

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    Do I need to own a personalised number plate to get a valuation from Motoreg Ltd?

    Yes, you do need to own the personalised number plate or be the authorised third party. We will ask for information that proves the ownership. This is a very important requirement if you want us to sell your number plate through us.
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    Do I have to agree to a sale if I have my personalised number plate valued?

    No, if you request a number plate valuation from us at Motoreg Ltd you are not committed to sell your personalised number plate through us.
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    Do I have to pay to have my registration advertised by Motoreg Ltd?

    No, if we agree a price valuation to advertise your we will promote your personalised number plate for free.
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    Good price, top service

    Purchased my plate £200 cheaper than advertised elsewhere, good price, top service.

    Colin Needham, Burnley

    Prompt payment, would recommend

    Price agreed, they purchased my fathers number plate, prompt payment, would recommend.

    Anne Jackson, Norwich

    Highly recommend

    Highly recommend. Kept me informed all the way, speedy and reliable.

    Jaz Patel, Leicester

    Stress free, excellent service

    Stress free, excellent service.

    Mary Owen, Tenby

    Amazing customer service

    I would definitely recommend Motoreg, amazing customer service, quick, efficient and professional.

    Allan Green, Sittingbourne

    Excellent service, great price!

    Excellent service, great price. Just nice to be able to talk to someone. I have no hesitation in recommending Motoreg.

    John Gemmel, Glasgow
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    Private Number Plates and Cherished Registrations

    With thousands of personalised, cherished & private number plates Motoreg Ltd will have the perfect registration for you to buy.

    Our personalised registrations can be bought from us and used on DVLA registered vehicles. Some types of private plate registrations, such as the Northern Ireland number plates, can be cheap number plates and are a great option to hide the age of your vehicle. Buy one of our private plates and have some fun, they can de used to show your name, initials, vehicle model, job type and for many other reasons.

    Thinking of selling your private number plate? If so, sell it to us at Motoreg Ltd.

    Every private registration has its own value, to find out how much your private number plate is worth you can phone us on 024 7640 7604 or complete our Free & Easy number plate valuation.

    It's as simple as that, we will provide you with an independent and up to date valuation figure that we would buy it for.

    Help & FAQs

    Here's a few of the main questions asked about buying private number plates.

    What if I can't find a specific plate I'm looking for?

    When my certificate arrives, what do I need to do?

    What happens to my old registration?

    Help & FAQs

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