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Number plate wanted by our private plate buyers

If you no longer require your private registration plate, you might have considered selling it. If so, selling to us is easy.

We can assist you whether you have a private number plate for sale or are wanting to buy one. Through a variety of private suppliers, we purchase all private licence plates.

With over 10 years of industry experience of being Private number plate buyers , our staff will make sure you receive the maximum price for your private plate as well as making it as simple for you as the seller.

You might be considering selling your personal licence plate but are unsure of its current value. If so, you can also get in touch with us since we’d be pleased to give you a free valuation and then possibly make you an offer to acquire it. By completing our online valuation form you will receive our valuation in an instant.

So how do we value your number plate?

Based on similar registrations that are currently being listed in the market and the performance of these registrations after they have been sold, we will provide you with a realistic valuation.

To legally sell a number plate, you need to make sure to do these things:

Please check your documents to make sure the word “non-transferable” is not present.

If such words don’t appear in your documents, you’re in luck.

Next, make sure you can tick one of the following boxes with a “yes”:

  • Is the car registered in your first and last name on the registration?
  • Do you have a Certificate of Retention (V778) or a Certificate of Entitlement (V750) proving that you are the authorised buyer or grantee?
Number plate wanted by our private plate buyers

If you want to sell a private number plate quickly, contact our team today!

We buy all private number plates, from the simplest to the most complex. If you have a number plate that you’d like to sell, as private reg buyers we would be happy to give you an offer on it.

Our sales team has over 10 years experience in buying and selling private number plates from all sorts of private sellers. This means that if there’s a rare or unusual plate that catches your eye, we’ll know exactly what its value
is and how much we can offer for it (and vice versa).

We are a Specialist Cherished Number Plate Buyer, and we Buy all sorts of Personalised Number Plates

If you have a private plate that you would like to sell, you have nothing to lose by asking us to give a valuation.

Simply completing the online form with a few details and thats it, you will receive an emailed valuation.

It is always better if we can then have a chat on the phone so we can explain where the valuation has come about from.

Please remember we will be offering to buy your private reg there and then without any hassle, saving on all the long drawn out worry of trying to sell it yourself.

We believe we offer the best prices available for all types of number plates including personalised number plates, cherished registrations and dateless number plates.

Dateless style registrations were introduced by local licensing authorities in 1903.

These registrations initially followed the format of A*, where A is a one- or two-letter code, and * is a number between 1 and 9999.

In 1932 these were extended to include a three-letter code and the possibility of reversed registrations in the format *A, where the number precedes the one- to three-letter code.

Why Sell Your Private Reg to us

We have a huge amount of experience as Private number plate buyers and we have many outlets to sell our private number plates. This enables us to offer to buy your private plate for the best price available.

We want to buy private plates all year round and believe we are the best buyer of private reg plates in the UK.

Best prices paid for your private reg plate

We buy any type of private number plates including:

  • Dateless private plates
  • Suffix style private plates
  • Prefix style private plates
  • Current style private plates
  • Northern Ireland number plates


If you have a private number plate and you have decided to sell it for whatever reason then please contact us.

It takes literally a few minutes to complete our valuation form, once you have that it’s up to you if you want to sell it.

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