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You might have thought about selling your private reg number if you no longer needed it.

Maybe you just do not want a private plate of your car anymore for whatever reason. Maybe it was bought as a present for you. Or maybe it’s a personalised plate that includes your business name and now you have sold the business.

There are many reasons why someone may want to sell their private number plate. However there are not that many ways that you can sell it.

Maybe you can try to sell it through facebook marketplace or maybe through eBay. One thing guaranteed is that you will spend a lot of time trying to sell it. You will have chancers low balling the price and after some time it could be likely you still have not sold it.

Why go through all that grief because it’s simple to sell to us.

You could be thinking about selling your private number plate, but you’re not sure what it’s worth right now. If so, you can also get in touch with us. We’d be happy to provide you with a free appraisal and perhaps even an offer to buy it.

You can get our valuation instantly by filling out our online form for a valuation.

How is a Number Plate Valued?

One of the main factors is we give you a realistic estimate based on comparable registrations that are currently on the market and how they performed after being sold.

Our professionals will make sure you get the best price for your private number plate and streamline the selling procedure for you.

We have been buying private reg plates for more than ten years.

Number plates wanted by number plate buyers

Why sell your Personalised Number Plate to us?

From the simplest to the most elaborate private number plates, we purchase them all. Being private reg purchasers, we would be pleased to make you an offer for any number plates you have to sell.

Buying and selling private number plates from various private sellers is something our sales staff has done for more than ten years. This means that if a unique or rare plate catches our eye, we’ll be able to accurately assess its worth and make you an offer for it.

We buy all kinds of cherished number plates because we are a specialised cherished number plate buyer. You have nothing to lose by asking us to provide a valuation if you have a private plate that you would like to sell.

You only need to enter a few details into the online form for an email valuation to be sent to you.

It is always preferable if we can then speak on the phone so we can discuss how the appraisal was determined.

Please keep in mind that we will offer to purchase your private registration right away and hassle-free. This frees you from the lengthy anxiety of attempting to sell it yourself.

Our aim as always is to get you the Best Price

We consider we provide the most affordable rates for all kinds of licence plate including cherished number plates and dateless plates.

Dateless licence plates were issued until 1963, when Suffix-style licence plates took their place.

The year that a vehicle was first registered is not indicated by dateless style registrations. This means that a dateless licence plate can be changed or moved to any make or model of vehicle.

We have may years experience as Number plate buyers. We have several ways we can sell our unique personal licence plates. This gives us the ability to provide the best pricing for your personalised plate.

We buy private plates from sellers all year round and believe we are the best company to sell your cherished plate to in the UK.

Best prices paid for your cherished reg plate

We buy all the UK private number plate types. These include Northern Ireland number plates, (which are also dateless plates) Current style private plates, Prefix style private plates, Suffix style private plates and the more valuable Dateless private plates.

Ho do I sell my Private Plate to Motoreg Ltd?

Complete our online valuation form which will then give you our valuation to buy it.

If you want to go ahead we will professionally handle the payment to you and all the transfer paper work and administration for you giving security and confidence that the process is done properly.

We will make the arrangements for the private reg transfer, and re-registration of your vehicle if it’s going straight onto a vehicle.

To legally sell a private number plate, you need to make sure to check your documents to make sure the word “non-transferable” is not present.

You then need to be able to tick one of the following boxes with a “yes”:

  • Is the car registered in your first and last name on the registration?
  • Do you have a Certificate of Retention (V778) or a Certificate of Entitlement (V750) proving that you are the authorised buyer or grantee?


If you have a personalised number plate and want an easy and smooth process you can sell it to us. We believe we will offer the right price for it taking into account similar number plate valuations. You will get your cash a lot quicker than trying to sell it yourself.

It starts with completing our online valuation form which will give our valuation so you can then decide what to do.

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