How much is my Private Plate worth?

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How much is my Private Plate worth?

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When it comes to you selling your private plate, you could be surprised by how much it is worth or you may not. Buying a personalised number plate over time can be a great investment and will always eventually sell because
the reasons you bought the private plate in the first place will be a reason why someoene else will want to buy it.

As with most things in life a private number plate is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it and that value can often be determined if its personal to someone.
So you could say a major part of finding out how much is a private plate worth is get it in front of the people it will mean more to personally.
For example private plates made up of a name P4 ULL for paul , P3 TER for peter only have a value to people with those names but if thye see it you will soon find out how valuable it is.

There are other factors that play a part of how is a private number plate valued.

What are the prices of other similar private plates available?

This makes sense doesn’t it. For example if you had a private plate like A1 XRI but there are private plates available like A2 XRI, A3 XRI then the price of these plates will affect the value of yours
because the key part of the plate is the same. If they had a price of say £600 then yours would have to be around this price.

Has the private plate got clear and meaningful letters and numbers?

Personalised number plates that spell a word, phrase or name are always expected to fetch more money than a standard number plate.
As mentioned before a private plate like P4 ULL for paul or P3 TER for peter are always going to be very valuable.

Shorter number plates tend to be more valuable and numbers that mean something also, like number 1 is always thought upon as the top number.

How old is the private number plate?

Older number plates tend to be shorter which as we said before are generally worth more value. This makes sense because older plates may date back over 100 years, as time has gone by they have been made obsolete
and so older plates still around and available are more rarer making them more valuable.

So why don’t you call us to find how much your private plate is worh by calling us or complete our valation form here

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