How Much is My Private Number Plate Worth?

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If you have a private number plate that you no longer require, you might have thought about selling it. However, it may be simpler said than done.

Before you start thinking how do I sell my private number plate you need to know what the value of your private plate is.

Knowing how much your private plate is actually worth might significantly impact your profit. But how can you find out what your private plate is worth before you then go to sell it.

Even while it can appear simple, finding the true value and pricing your private plate is actually trickier than you might imagine.

The price might vary significantly depending on just one letter or digit, as well as how desirable the plate is.

The final value of your private play may even be affected by the word or message on your plate.

Having something specific and personalised on a private plate may make it more valuable than a more generic plate.

For example this plate spelling out a name Patrick.

Private Number Plate for Sale

Using the mix of letters and numbers spells the name out. Even though it is limited to someone who is named Patrick because it clearly spells the name it will add a lot of value to it. Hence a higher price can be commanded.

So how can you arrive at a reasonable price for your own licence plate? Fortunately, Motoreg makes it simple to get a precise valuation. Visit Sell Your Plate and fill out the form with your information.

In most circumstances, our team of specialists will respond to your request for a valuation within 24 hours of you clicking the button. If you are happy with the valuation, you can choose to proceed with selling your unique licence plate to us.

Tips for Selling Your Plate

A variety of choices are available to you if you decide to sell your licence plate. Checking your documents is the first step in ensuring that your licence plate is indeed transferrable.

It is prohibited to sell the plate if it says “non-transferable.”

Before attempting to sell, you must have a V750 Certificate of Entitlement or a V778 Certificate of Retention, as well as the licence plate’s assigned vehicle registered in your name.

There are a few methods you can go about doing this, assuming your private plates are allowed to be sold. You might either sell them privately by placing an ad in the neighbourhood paper, or sell them through an online site like eBay or Gumtree.

Even though these methods can be wonderful for selling your prized licence plate, you must be on the lookout for con artists and ensure that all the sales paperwork is completed accurately.

In the event of an error, legal issues may arise.

Motoreg can help you advertise to thousands of users that use our site every day, and there are no costs associated with listing or using our services to advertise your number plates.

From the DVLA, individual sellers, and our own inventory, we sell many personalised number plates for clients.

We want to find you the greatest price and make the selling of your priceless registration plates as easy and hassle-free as we can. You don’t have to worry since we take care of all the purchasing transactions and fill out all the required paperwork to make sure the transfer is finished properly.

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