Cherished Number Plates

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The Cherished Numbers Guild was established to provide customer confidence when purchasing a cherished registration, and to maintain its member’s interests and standards within the cherished number plate industry so you can have confidence if you buy a cherished registration from us at Motoreg.
What are cherished number plates?

The term "cherished number plates" is mostly used to describe private reg plates that are older and of great age. Cherished number plates make you think of some of the original private reg plates issued and some newer ones that have some significance to someone. The other way of thinking is that they are private reg plates that do not include a year code and therefore are a dateless number plate.

Vintage car owners like to refer to their number plates as cherished number plates having kept the period correct number plate on their vehicle.

Luxury expensive car owners like to think the same - something that is well looked after and cared for.

Cherished registrations can be special in other ways too, they could be a passed down family heirloom or a financial investment, either way they are special to the owner.

We buy and also sell cherished private reg plates giving you an exclusive number plate for your car that will be cherished and valued for years to come.

A professional company that sells private number plates like ourselves at Motoreg should be a member of the Cherished Numbers Guild.

Cherished Number Plates Examples

Here are some of the most expensive private reg plates

25 0


F 1


S 1


1 D


M 1




51 NGH


1 RH




1 0


The British government introduced the number plates system over a 100 years ago, in fact the first private reg plate which was none other than A1 was bought in 1903. Since then people have been buying private plates ever since.

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