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Purchasing your own private plate has always been easy but its just got even easy with Motoreg.

We have always aimed at making the process of buying of a private plate easy with us, although we have literally thousands of plates in our online database
it has always been straight forward to find the private plate you want.
However as we at Motoreg have got busier we have found a way of making the initial search for your number plate even simpler.

So to buy a private plate you can either use our search box where you can enter initials, nickname, date of birth, favourite phrase, company name, football club and so on or
if you know what you want you can simpley click on an alphabetical letter Like, A,B, C etc and quickly those plates will load up for you.

It is a way that we at Motoreg are developing all the time with our customers in mind.

Once you have found the private plate you want to buy when you click VIEW or ENQUIRE you will see our transparent pricing.
It displays the cost of the private plate and the Department of transport transfer fee and VAT if its applicable on the private plate.
We also give the option of buying the physical private plate as well. Everything is listed clearly and these costs are the only costs you pay, there are no hidden

If you cannot quite find the private plate your are looking for, you can either call us with your requirement or fill in our enquiry form, we have many contacts of
people selling their private plates so we are happy to help in sourcing it for you.

Buy private plates online with us today and you will be driving away with your brand new personalised car accessory in no time!

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