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Our family business offer a simple, professional, speedy and honest way of buying a personalised number plate as well as selling your unwanted private number plates for you.
We have a great selection of personalised number plates for sale to choose from.
Use our simple search box and type in the personalised number plate details that you want. Once you have done this it will show the private plates for sale results for you to view.

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Widest choice of Private Plates for Sale

We at Motoreg give you a choice of thousands of private plates for sale to choose from and aim to make the purchase of your own private plate as simple and smooth as possible.

We are a small family business but have the expertise to provide guidance when choosing and buying your private plate if you need it and offer you help afterwards when you are ready to transfer your personalised number plate onto your chosen vehicle.

Having been established for many years we have a vast experience in handling many private plates for sale every week and handle the transfer of the private plate with a minimum of fuss for the private plate buyer.

Our website is open 24/7 365 days a year, you can ask for a valuation of personalised number plates as well as making enquiries about any private plates for sale through that or call us during our trading hours.

We have some fantastic personalised number plates for sale, some at only £230 that also includes the number plate transfer fee for DVLA.

These private plates for sale are a cheap way that can be used for covering up the vehicles age.

Do you need help in buying a Private Plate for Sale?

How do I buy a Private Plate?

We know finding and buying the perfect private plate can seem daunting at times understanding the whole process. For this reason we have put together some guides and information to make the whole process easy. The aim of Motoreg is to make the searching for your required personalised number plate as simple as possible.
How to buy a private plate
Check the car or vehicle's age
Because many registrations carry an 'age identifier' (this is the date when the mark was released) it is important to check the age of the vehicle receiving the personalised number plate. This is because the DVLA does not allow newer registration marks to be transferred to older vehicles meaning you cannot make an older car appear newer than it really is - so you need to be aware to choose a plate that suits the vehicle’s age.
Simple searching for your private plate for sale
Use our simple Search tool on our website that will help you find the perfect personalised number plate. Simply type in what you are looking for, be it initials, a name, a special number, keyword, anything, and our website searches through the stock of private plates for sale and gives you the best results using your preferences. You can go a step further and filter the results by lowest price and highest price first.
The price of the private number plates available
As part of your search results, we give you the price of each privte registration available under your search. As well as displaying the price of the private registration there is also an option to view more details which will list all the costs like if there is VAT to be added, the DVLA Transfer fee and the option to buy a set of actual number plates, this way you know the complete all inclusive price before making an enquiry.
Transferring the private plate
You can complete the transfer of the registration yourself, or you can choose to make the whole process even easier by having us take care of it all for you.
Secure payments taken
Once you've found the private number plate for sale that you want to buy our friendly, helpful staff can answer questions you may have regarding the different ways to pay, ensuring that the whole process is completed as smoothly as possible for you. You will also have the option to pay by debit or credit card or by bank transfer if you prefer.
Important Private plates and DVLA Information

DVLA is the government agency responsible for all regulatory matters related to the issue and display of private number plates and car registrations in the UK. The DVLA acronym means Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and its head quarters are here in Swansea from where it controls all UK private registration plates.

Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency DVLA Logo

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. We liaise with the agency but Motoreg Ltd is not affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations.

All our personalised number plates for sale are British i.e. issued and controlled by the DVLA. They are only for display on vehicles registered in the UK and Northern Ireland.

In Northern Ireland the government agency responsible for issuing Northern Ireland format (commonly known as Irish) registrations was the DVA, this is an acronym meaning the Driver Vehicle Agency.

Driver & Vehicle Agency DVA Logo

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